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Lower fees mean better portfolio performance.

Lumbard Investment Counseling is a traditional investment advisory firm. located in Hollis, NH.

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Lumbard Investment Counseling has one mission and a single focus - excellent investment performance and financial counseling.

Lumbard Investment Counseling is engaged in the management of equity and fixed income securities on behalf of corporate cccounts.

Our client accounts are held in custody by U.S. Bank, and we absorb the substantial cost.  The assets held for you by our custodian are legally yours: that might seem obvious, but it is not the case for assets held in a margin account by a brokerage firm. You also benefit from lower brokerage commissions (which result from trading in large blocks that include dozens of clients at a time);  and you’ll be pleased to receive the comprehensive tax report (individually-reviewed by a U.S. Bank tax expert) that the bank provides at the end of each year.


$ 500,000*



$ 1,000,000



$ 1,500,000

1/2 of 1%

*The minimum portfolio is $1,500,000.

For example, an account with a market value of $2,100,000 would have a fee that works out to 0.79%. The fee on the first $500,000 is 1.1% per annum, regardless of the size of the relationship. A family of accounts can be combined for fee purposes, thus reducing fees for each of the members of the family.

Fees are collected in twelve installments, at the end of each month. The minimum portfolio is $1,500,000. There is no termination fee, but we expect our clients to join us as long-term investors. Two years is a reasonable trial period for client and manager to evaluate performance, service, and compatibility.

It’s Your Money

Hidden Costs: a primer on fees and expenses in the investment management and mutual fund industries.

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