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Investment counseling you can trust.

Lumbard Investment Counseling is a traditional investment advisory firm. located in Hollis, NH.

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 Lumbard Investment Counseling has one mission and a single focus - excellent investment performance and financial counseling.


Lumbard Investment Counseling is engaged in the management of equity and fixed income securities on behalf of individuals and trusts.











Lumbard & Kellner, LLC offers focused and unique investment management services to individuals and institutions. Here you will find:

  • A long track record of excellent and steady performance.  Our clients have largely avoided the wild volatility of the markets of the last decade. Click here for tables and graphs, and here for yet another 10-year comparison with Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.
  • Low management fees which include the cost of custody at a major bank. Your assets are held in your name, and continue to be identified as your property – unlike assets held in a margin account by a brokerage firm.
  • A Commitment to Service
  • We pride ourselves on the trust we have built with our clients. We’ve been at the same location for more than 20 years, and have no plans to move.
  • If you’d like to read our 2014 forecast for the economy and the markets, please click here.




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